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We know many caravanners love bringing their dogs with them on holiday, that is why we stock a small range of essentials for your pet.

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Dog Tether / Land Anchor

Dog Tether / Land Anchor [Product Id: 275]

A functional and easy-to-use ground stake. Hundreds of potential uses including: temporary boat anchor; tent, awning or … More info



Dog Tie-out Cable 3m

Dog Tie-out Cable 3m [Product Id: 9266]

Used for securing your pet to a ground stake, trees and posts and using as an aerial run. Not everyone appreciates dogs … More info



Dog Lead

Dog Lead [Product Id: 1103]

Nylon dog lead. Approx. 1m in length. More info



Collapsible Dog Bowl

Collapsible Dog Bowl [Product Id: 3551]

Collapsible pet food water bowl. Simply folds flat for easy storage. A must have for all pet owners who are short of spa… More info



Dog Tie-out Cable 6m

Dog Tie-out Cable 6m [Product Id: 9267]

A great way to ensure your dog stays safely where you want him to.This is 6 metres of plastic covered cable with a dog c… More info



Dog Dish 15cm

Dog Dish 15cm [Product Id: 272]



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