Snow Sledges

Snow Sledges
We have a great range of sledges and toboggans for you to make the most of the snow this winter. Our sledges are suitable for kids as well as BIG kids!

Snow Sledges Products

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Bobkat Plastic Sledge

Bobkat Plastic Sledge [Product Id: 2752]

Red plastic sledge made from heavy duty plastic, complete with raised bit at back to sit on, hand rails at side, rope pu… More info



Wooden Sledge

Wooden Sledge [Product Id: 2757]

A high quality, traditionally designed, wooden sledge. More info



Large Plastic Sledge (Red)

Large Plastic Sledge (Red) [Product Id: 2801]

Fun, handy sledge for use in snow or sand. Fitted reins for added control. More info



Snow Yeti Momo Sledge

Snow Yeti Momo Sledge [Product Id: 3546]

Quite simply 'The King of sledges'. This virtually indestructible toboggan features full metal runners and is created fr… More info



Snow Yeti Round Sledge

Snow Yeti Round Sledge [Product Id: 3547]



Small Plastic Sledge

Small Plastic Sledge [Product Id: 3548]

Snowyeti BigFoot small Sledge is designed for Children between 2-5 years of age, its small lightweight design is made to… More info



Plastic Snow Shovel

Plastic Snow Shovel [Product Id: 4061]

Each year the snow causes havoc on the UK's roads and it can be easy to get stuck when driving. This is also true with r… More info



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