Door Retainers

Door Retainers
Door catches to fit virtually all static caravans. From the older horseshoe-type door retainers to the new flipper door retainers.

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Door Retainers Products

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Extended Viva Door Retainer

Extended Viva Door Retainer [Product Id: 983]

Static caravan door retainer. Standard size, fits new and old styles. As fitted to the majority of static caravans in la… More info



Willerby Door Retainer New Type

Willerby Door Retainer New Type [Product Id: 1092]

New style caravan door retainer. Commonly fitted on recent models of Willerby and BK static caravans. More info



Viva Door Retainer (Black)

Viva Door Retainer (Black) [Product Id: 8122]

Commonly used door retainer for static caravans. Now available in black. Supplied as a kit with an optional spacer. More info



Viva Door Retainer with Springs

Viva Door Retainer with Springs [Product Id: 984]

Older type caravan door retainer with springs.Comes complete with screws. As fitted to many Willerby, Atlas, BK and Cosa… More info



Nylon Horseshoe Door Retainer

Nylon Horseshoe Door Retainer [Product Id: 615]

Universal caravan door retainer. More info



Continental Door Retaining Catch

Continental Door Retaining Catch [Product Id: 6715]

Continental door retaining catch with long plate sherardizing steel. Very old style static caravan door retainer - no lo… More info



Oval Door Retainer (White)

Oval Door Retainer (White) [Product Id: 8123]

Oval shaped door retainer for caravans and motorhome external doors. Dimensions: 9.5 x 5cm. Colour: White. More info



Flipper Door Retainer

Flipper Door Retainer [Product Id: 354]

Latch-style caravan door retainer as fitted to many modern static caravans - for example Atlas caravans from 2004. Suppl… More info



Plastic Door Retainer

Plastic Door Retainer [Product Id: 654]

This plastic door retainer and clip from W4 has been designed to securely hold your caravan doors open. It prevents cara… More info



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