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Low Wattage Oil Filled Radiator

Low Wattage Oil Filled Radiator [Product Id: 3508]

A high-quality oil-filled radiator that is great for providing additional heat in enclosed spaces, such as caravans, awn… More info



Portable Rotary Dryer with Tripod 3 Arm

Portable Rotary Dryer with Tripod 3 Arm [Product Id: 1867]

3 arm rotary dryer / washing line complete with tripod base. Aluminium construction. Complete with pegs for securing bas… More info



Low Wattage Ceramic Heater with Flame Effect

Low Wattage Ceramic Heater with Flame Effect [Product Id: 3507]

Low wattage ceramic heater with flame effect. Can also be used to blow cool air. More info



Mini Oven 800W (Stainless Steel)

Mini Oven 800W (Stainless Steel) [Product Id: 3686]

A mini electric oven (10 litre capacity) which is ideal for use in your caravan, motorhome or boat. Featuring two stainl… More info



Dustie Bin with Brackets

Dustie Bin with Brackets [Product Id: 2877]

This slim plastic bin is designed for use in caravans, motorhomes or tents. Complete with mounting bracket for attaching… More info



Fry Up Electric Griddle 800W

Fry Up Electric Griddle 800W [Product Id: 2303]

Enjoy a cooked breakfast in the Great Outdoors with the Fry Up by Kampa. Large enough for eggs, bacon and bangers, this … More info



Moisture Trap 500g

Moisture Trap 500g [Product Id: 598]

A simple, safe way to help reduce moisture in the air which can lead to serious problems such as condensation, damp, mou… More info



Quest Low Wattage Toaster (Stainless Steel)

Quest Low Wattage Toaster (Stainless Steel) [Product Id: 4409]

This 750w 2-slice Toaster is ideal for camping and caravanning or where wattage needs to be kept low. With wide toasting… More info



Bag Bin

Bag Bin [Product Id: 80]

Screw to the inside of a cupboard door and turns a plastic bag in to a bin. Adhesive pads and screws included. Made in U… More info



Universal Oven Shelf fits Stoves GG7000

Universal Oven Shelf fits Stoves GG7000 [Product Id: 1376]

Oven shelf that will stretch to fit virtually any size oven or fridge! Dimensions: Minimum - 32cm x 35cm; Maximum - 32cm… More info



Square Washing Up Bowl

Square Washing Up Bowl [Product Id: 832]

Beige colour washing up bowl, with speckle effect. More info



Non-Slip Clothes Hangers (8)

Non-Slip Clothes Hangers (8) [Product Id: 3011]

Providing a non-slip surface that holds fabrics in place, these hangers are a trouser, skirt and shirt hanger all-in-one… More info



Folding Dish Drainer

Folding Dish Drainer [Product Id: 373]

This compact dish drainer is perfect for small kitchens, caravans and holiday homes. The drainer features two drying sec… More info



Mini Dish Drainer (Cream)

Mini Dish Drainer (Cream) [Product Id: 1072]

Made from steel wire and finished with a tough nylon coating, this compact dish drainer is ideal for use in a caravan or… More info



Corkscrew Lever-Arm

Corkscrew Lever-Arm [Product Id: 224]

Never be without a corkscrew to open your bottle of wines - one of the most important pieces of camping kit! More info



B-Line Square Bowl 29cm (Silver)

B-Line Square Bowl 29cm (Silver) [Product Id: 5034]

This square bowl in silver is ideal for washing-up at home, or in your caravan, motorhome or boat. Made from a tough and… More info



Cutlery Tray (Beige)

Cutlery Tray (Beige) [Product Id: 257]

Cutlery tray measures: 245mm wide, 360mm long, 45mm high. More info



Drying Rack

Drying Rack [Product Id: 307]

Drying rack which hooks over caravan window providing almost 6 metres of drying space. Folds flat when not in use. Manuf… More info



Teapot with Filter 900ml

Teapot with Filter 900ml [Product Id: 3739]

Glass tea pot with stainless steel filter, lid and handle. 900ml capacity. More info



Fiamma Omni-Stop

Fiamma Omni-Stop [Product Id: 3808]

The Fiamma Omni-Stop provides an innovative yet simple accessory, ideal for keeping plates, bowls and dishes in place wh… More info



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