Protect your caravan over the winter with Fenwick's Overwintering, dehumidifiers and moisture crystals.

Winterisation Products

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Fenwicks Overwintering 1 Litre

Fenwicks Overwintering 1 Litre [Product Id: 624]

Overwintering provides a protective coating for your caravan or motorhome during the winter months. The unique propertie… More info



Moisture Trap 500g

Moisture Trap 500g [Product Id: 598]

A simple, safe way to help reduce moisture in the air which can lead to serious problems such as condensation, damp, mou… More info



Moisture Muncher 500g

Moisture Muncher 500g [Product Id: 3440]

The Moisture Muncher - from Kontrol - is a rechargeable dehumidifier that absorbs moisture out of the atmosphere and can… More info



Moisture Crystals 500g

Moisture Crystals 500g [Product Id: 599]

Helps to protect against condensation, damp and mildew in your caravan, motorhome or house. For use with our Moisture Ma… More info



Floe Drain Down For Static Caravans

Floe Drain Down For Static Caravans [Product Id: 8406]



Drip Strip 3m

Drip Strip 3m [Product Id: 2108]



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