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Wide range of tents and camping accessories available at Caravan Accessory Shop.

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Fluorescent Guyline with Runners 4 x 4m

Fluorescent Guyline with Runners 4 x 4m [Product Id: 1878]

Avoid tripping over your tent or awning at night with this set of brightly coloured, high visibility guylines. Each guyl… More info



Hard Ground Peg 25cm

Hard Ground Peg 25cm [Product Id: 458]

25cm long tent or awning peg which is ideal for use on hardstanding pitches or in hard ground. More info



Groundsheet Peg 3 1/2 inch

Groundsheet Peg 3 1/2 inch [Product Id: 432]

Short, round-top peg. Ideal for securing groundsheets. More info



Classic Tent Tidy

Classic Tent Tidy [Product Id: 903]

This hanging tent tidy by Kampa is a great way to store items out of the way yet still within arm's reach. It comes with… More info



Fabsil Waterproofer 1L

Fabsil Waterproofer 1L [Product Id: 4271]

A highly effective silicone-based water repellent treatment for all kinds of tent, tarpaulin, canopies and awning fabric… More info



Guy Line Runners (5)

Guy Line Runners (5) [Product Id: 435]

This pack of bent guy line runners from W4 come in a pack of five. They are used for tightening the cords on your tent o… More info



Strider Plastic Eyelets (10)

Strider Plastic Eyelets (10) [Product Id: 7262]

More info



Studs, Screws & Poppers (5)

Studs, Screws & Poppers (5) [Product Id: 855]

This pack of studs, screws and poppers from W4 are ideal for securing awning skirt wheel arch covers to the side of your… More info



Metal Groundsheet Peg 16cm

Metal Groundsheet Peg 16cm [Product Id: 2609]

16cm long metal peg, ideal for securing groundsheets as the peg will lay flat to the ground. More info



Blue Diamond Power Pegs in Box (20)

Blue Diamond Power Pegs in Box (20) [Product Id: 8397]

20 x 6mm steel pegs in plastic storage case. Ideal for securing tents or awnings in hard or stoney ground. More info



Fenwicks Awning Cleaner 1 Litre

Fenwicks Awning Cleaner 1 Litre [Product Id: 57]

Another great product from the Fenwick's Advanced Caravan Care range. Fenwick's Awning Cleaner is specifically designed … More info



Clingon Instant Eyelets (4)

Clingon Instant Eyelets (4) [Product Id: 3010]

Clingons provide a simple, fast and effective instant eyelet. Perfect in the event that your tent or awning should get d… More info



Fibreglass Tent Pole (65cm x 8.5mm)

Fibreglass Tent Pole (65cm x 8.5mm) [Product Id: 343]

This single section of fibreglass pole is 65cm long and 8.5mm in diameter. To use, cut the section to the required lengt… More info



Rain Cowls (2)

Rain Cowls (2) [Product Id: 715]

These rain cowls from W4 comes as a pack of 2. They can be placed over the top of upright tent/awning poles to stop the … More info



Rock Peg 8"

Rock Peg 8" [Product Id: 734]

8 inch long metal tent and awning peg, ideal for rock and hardstanding. More info



Peggy Clothes Dryer

Peggy Clothes Dryer [Product Id: 1066]

This handy airer will take care of all your underwear, tea towels, socks or baby clothes. Complete with hook to enable y… More info



Tent Peg Extractor

Tent Peg Extractor [Product Id: 1156]

The discomfort of extracting tent pegs can be a thing of the past with the Kampa Tent Peg Extractor. This is an essentia… More info



Awning and Tent Repair Tape 7.5cm x 50cm

Awning and Tent Repair Tape 7.5cm x 50cm [Product Id: 3616]

This repair tape from Kampa is great to keep as a spare for a huge range of outdoor materials. The sticky tape will repa… More info



Screw-In Peg Socket 13mm

Screw-In Peg Socket 13mm [Product Id: 1335]

13mm drill socket adaptor - suitable for use with our screw-in pegs. More info



Pole Hanging Hooks (3)

Pole Hanging Hooks (3) [Product Id: 1171]

A handy pack of 3 hooks for use in the tent or awning. Simply place the hook over your awning poles to provide a quick s… More info



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