Platinum Leisure Battery Low Profile 100Ah

Platinum Leisure Battery Low Profile 100Ah

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Brand: Platinum [LB6110L]

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Product Description

Platinum are our premium range of leisure batteries. 100 amp battery with 2 year guarantee.

This leisure battery has a special low profile so can be used in spaces where normally only a 75 amp or 85 amp battery would fit.

The high carbon content in the negative plate increases charge acceptance which improves performance. The improved double layer separators which include a polyester fibre soft layer help give it a longer life span and the large electrolyte reservoir gives it an increased cycle count. Tin alloy in grid construction give an even longer life span and it is spill proof to a 55 degree angle and maintenance free. Finished in a sealed lower box to make it maintenance free and ideal when space is limited.

Sealed low-box - ideal where the fitment location of the battery is restricted
High carbon content in negative plate increased charge acceptance
Improved double layer separators including a polyester fibre soft layer longer life
Large electrolyte reservoir increased cycles
Tin alloy in grid construction longer life
Spill proof to 55˚ angle maintenance free
Warranty: 2 years
Length 351 mm Width 174 mm Case Height 188 mm
Weight 22.5 kg.
Voltage: 12V
100 Amp

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