Platinum Leisure Plus AGM Battery AGMLB6110L

Platinum Leisure Plus AGM Battery AGMLB6110L

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Product Description

The Platinum Leisure AGM Plus has been specifically designed to cope with the arduous demands placed on the battery by the motormover, whilst giving the highest performance and durable, reliable long life for all caravan/motorhome applications.

Advanced Plate Design: High pure lead oxide gives high resistance to corrosion and reduces self-discharge therefore offers greater storage time.

Absorbed Glass Mat Separators: Increases cyclic capability allowing the battery to be discharged and recharged over 360 times, resulting in longer service life.

Sealed Low-Box: Ideal where the fitment location of the battery is restricted. Approx Dimensions H20cm, W35cm, D17cm.

Size: L 354mm x D 175mm x H 190mm
Voltage: 12V
NCC Class A
Suitable for 2 to 4 berth leisure vehicles
100 Ah

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