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Widney Slimtronic Water Heater

Widney Slimtronic Water Heater

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Brand: Widney [RSW10KL]

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Product Description

Widney Slimtronic | Room-Sealed LPG Water Heater

The Widney Slimtronic Water Heater is an instantaneous gas water heater, room-sealed for total safety. It has full electronic ignition, and can operate on extremely low water pressure and flow rates. It features a digital display and can be fitted in virtually any location, including bathrooms.

This is a state-of-the art modern appliance. There is no pilot light to ignite and, once switched on, the user is unaware of its operation. When a hot water tap is activated, the Widney Slimtronic's microprocessor ensures a constant supply of hot water at a stable temperature.

  • The Widney Slimtronic replaces the Morco F-11EL.
  • Hot water the moment you need it - electronic ignition.
  • Stable water temperature - microprocessor technology.
  • Energy efficiency - reduced gas consumption.
  • Room sealed construction means it can be fitted in virtually any room. Built-in, CE-approved safety systems ensure that the product shuts down safely should a fault occur.

    Please note that a flue kit is required for operation. Unlike our open flue water heaters, the Widney Slimtronic can have a Horizontal or Vertical flue. These are available separately.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All Widney water heaters include a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. For this to be valid, the appliance must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. For safety reasons, we can not accept returns once the clear plastic packaging has been opened.


    Model Name: RSW10KL
    Gas Type: 37 mbar - G31 propane only
    Gas Burner Pressure: Internally regulated to 19.0 mbar
    Efficiency: Gross efficiency 91.8%
    Nominal Energy Consumption: 20kW
    Minimum Energy Consumption: 6.5kW
    Water Pressure: Min. 0.18 bar, max. 8 bar
    Flow Rate: 10.5 litres/minute (max.) at 25°C rise
    Nominal Water Flow: 10 litres/minute
    Power: 60 Watts
    Gas Consumption: 1.43kg/hr (high, 20kW)
    Gas Consumption: 0.46kg/hr (low, 6.5kW)
    Degree of Electrical Protection: IPX4D
    Combustion Flue Gas Temperature: 147°C


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