Stormsure Clear Adhesive 15g (Loose)

Stormsure Clear Adhesive 15g (Loose)

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Product Description

Fix rips leaks and holes fast with this patchless repair!

Use Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive for repairing items of virtually all flexible materials such as Neoprene, Rubber, Leather, PVC, Polyurethane, Breathable fabrics (like Gortex) and coated fabrics. It a an excellent adhesive for woodwork, furniture and other structural items too.

Fix split and leaky stitched seams, loose soles, cracked leather, and leaks and rips in all types of footwear. Stormsure is also ideal for repairing rips, splits, leaks and tears in wetsuits and drysuits, waders, waterproof clothing, ponchos, tents, marquees, ground sheets, awnings, paddling pools, pool liners, inflatable boats and toys, horse rugs, trainers, car seat repairs, childrens toys etc.

Normally you do not even need to use a patch when using Stormsure over a hole in fabric; it will form a thick film which cures both flexible and incredible tough and remains incredible well bonded to the material.

Stormsure works on most materials, but not Polythene, Polypropylene or PTFE. Also great for many woodwork repairs like wobbly chair legs, loose joints, etc.

The only glue you need to fix a rip leak or tear on any flexible material or fabric

. Very strong, but remains flexible when cured. Very resistant to abrasion.

Stormsure is an essential item in a repair kit for hikers, fishermen , hunters, equestrians, divers, campers, caravaners, fishermen, wind, kite and board surfers, sailors, soldiers and many others too!

Always store part-used tubes of Stormsure adehsive in the freezer until you next need them. Stormsure is very sensitive to humidity and even a small air bubble inside the tube can start the curing process. When frozen curing cannot happen. Just warm up to room temperature before using it again.

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