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Westfield Windshield Pro Expert Edition

Westfield Windshield Pro Expert Edition

Our Product Id: 11174
Brand: Westfield [A1020]

Our Price: £174.99 inc. vat


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Product Description

The Windshield Pro is the very best windbreak available. It is lighter, more expandable, more secure and more stable than other windbreaks.

The simple fitting firstly locks the leg support pole in place, it also strengthens the top bar of the windshield making it stronger against the wind and even helps stop the bars moving in the wind.

The unique frame system means no guy lines are required and the entire frame can be placed on one side of the windshield ensuring you have absolutely no trip hazards and you get to use 100% of the space available.

This new Expert Edition features the new super sleeves / dog guard, which gives you better connection to the ground. The sleeves act as a mud wall and draught skirt giving you better draught exclusion. Next it allows you to use additional top cross poles (purchased separately) as a dog guard feature. This dog guard feature creates a solid bar across the bottom of the panel ensuring your pet cannot push the material out of the way as it is held firmly in place with the solid aluminium bar.

The Windshield Pro can be slid into your caravan (or motor home) awning channel (if available) allowing you to come directly off the vehicle.

Optional extras include: Door panel and Additional panel


Size: 480 x 140 cm
Pack size: 110 x 25 x 15 cm
Total weight: 6kg
Original freestanding windbreak
Slides into caravan channel
No guy ropes or trip hazards


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